The Legacy of Don Quick

Don Quick

August 07, 1940 – July 09, 2021

Don Quick, age 80 of Round Rock, passed peacefully on July 9, 2021, after an unexpected complication with chemotherapy treatments for a Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma diagnosis. Until the very end, he remained a good patient, joking with the nurses and being more concerned for his family and friends than himself.

Don was born on August 7, 1940, in Uvalde, Texas, to Eugene Olaf Quick and Lillian Marjorie (Beaumont) Quick. The Quick family were early settlers of the Round Rock area, with Don’s grandfather Oscar Edward Quick immigrating from Sweden in 1885, buying farm property on Old Settlers Blvd and raising a large family with his wife Carolina Ericsson Quick. Don’s father Eugene returned to Round Rock and owned Quick Pharmacy for 50 years, an icon on Main Street. Don followed in this tradition with his real estate company, Don Quick & Associates, achieving 50 years in service to the community.

“Mr. Quick has significantly contributed to the Round Rock community for over fifty years while always ensuring that as we grow, our history is not lost."
Lifetime Achievement Award Presentation
Round Rock Chamber - 2020

Don’s Awards & Accolades

Celebrating Don’s 50th Year in Real Estate in 2018

Remembering Don’s Impact on Our Community

Ashley Arbuckle
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"Other than being one of the best human beings I have ever met, Don had a passion not only for the business he built, but for all of Round Rock that is unparalleled."
Kim Sanders
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"Mr. Quick has been a staple in proving what community leaders are all about. He gives generously back to his community and is a wonderful person to do business with."
Laurie Wier
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"Say his name and you will more often than not hear, “Oh, I see those signs EVERYWHERE!”. But the man behind the sign was among the kindest and most humble I have ever known. He was a living legend who has helped to build this city into the thriving community it is today through his work over the last 50 plus years in the real estate industry."
Caitlin Morales
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"It is a fact that Round Rock would not be the city it is today without Don’s influence over his life and career in real estate. As a person, Don is one of the most compassionate and thoughtful people I have ever met."
Charles Harvey
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"Don Quick is the face of Round Rock real estate and business."
Brian Cauthorn
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"Don has been instrumental in the growth of Round Rock over a 50+ year career. Don has helped build this city through his hard work and positive interactions with so many through the years."
Matthew Teifke
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"Leader, mentor, and a great light for the community."
Catherine Reedy
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"You only need to spend a moment with Mr. Quick to understand his love for Round Rock and all that it entails. Mr. Quick is the perfect example of the “Heart of Round Rock”."
Anya DeNio
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"Don has been a leader in the community for many, many years. His contributions via various endeavors and positions in the community have been instrumental in the growth and development Round Rock now enjoys."
Rick Honrales
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"Ever since he started Don Quick & Associates, Inc. back in 1970, Don has had a salient and impressive influence in this community. Despite all adversity, even in current times, he continues to be an inspiring figure in the community."
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"Don served this community for over 50 years through his positive interactions with others, and a lifetime of promoting area real estate to those both inside and outside the community."
Joshua Brito
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"You can’t look very far in Round Rock without running into something that was greatly impacted by the influence of Mr. Don Quick. He was an incredible leader, mentor, and businessman who had an inspiring passion for the preservation of Round Rock history. Don will truly be missed although his impact on this community will live on forever."
Ken Benson
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"Mr. Quick has been a contributor to this community from a very early age. He has given and given willingly to further this community’s progress. There are hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs that could trace their startup success to his mentoring."

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