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The Don Quick Times Vol. 7 “Pet Profiles & Quarantine-Hairdos”

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Staying Safe AND Connected            DQ News + Recap

This week’s theme is “Pet Profiles & Quarantine-Hairdos.” 

You can still view the rest of the newsletters below.

PW: stayhealthy

Vol. 1 Team Updates
Vol. 2 Quarantine Eats
Vol. 3 Green Thumbs/Inspiration
Vol. 4 DQ Throwbacks
Vol. 5 Now & Then

Team Updates


I have managed to be the head stylist in the house and my sweetheart liked it!!   He already had a second visit to my deck salon. 


Texas Rain

Pet Profiles


We have three pets: Flop (cat age 8), Colt (dog age 10), and Marley (dog age 9).  Flop is my favorite! We adopted her from Austin Pets Alive.  My son wanted an orange cat, and I threatened to name her Bevo.  However, we decided to keep the name she had from the shelter.  She is the sweetest kitty with the loudest purr, also the first cat I’ve ever had that will head butt me.

She can also flop better than some of the NBA players.  She’s a sweetheart!  

Then we have Colt (German Shepherd) who is very protective and we have to keep him separate from Flop for her safety.  He likes to bite, and he also sheds EVERYWHERE.

The last one is Marley (Sheltie) who loves to bark (yap), at anything and everything, ALL THE TIME. 


It’s Pluto! He just turned 7 on May 10th! His quarantine hair is unfortunate – I trimmed his bangs, poorly. He’s so shaggy right now, we normally keep his coat pretty short!

He’s a mini schnauzer and he loves squirrels and corn chips. He is very bad at finding the squirrels though. Likes to be held like a baby

Chloe! She has snaggle teeth and weird chicken skin. I love her so much. We think she’s about 6-7, not really sure. She came from a hoarder, and was kept in a small crate for most of that time – she is super neurotic and is the boss of this house.

She regularly rolls squirrels. She has bad knees, and rides in a stroller for her walks – I’ve accepted this.

I also have to talk about my WFH glow up –


Champ relaxing after a run

The cat with Champ and Bailey


It’s Rizzo! Rizzo just turned 2 a few weeks ago and I bet as you’re reading this, he is either sleeping within 3 feet of me or zooming around the house with his favorite elephant toy in his mouth. Those are his only 2 settings.


Mia, my 9 yr old, is in the front.  She is never happy, and she hates the other two.

This is Gracie, the one I caught with a hamburger behind our property at Whitestone.  She doesn’t purr.  She makes tribble noises.  You are all too young to know what that is.

This is another photo of that cute little orange kitty that Ashley caught by Popeye’s.  He now weighs 15 lbs and he’s a jerk.



Well, my little Callie is on borrowed time and very spoiled!    Not good news from the vet on Mother’s Day 😢 but my son came home from Dallas and surprised me.  Sweet!


I have one dog and his name is RRanger(two R’s for Round Rock). He is a 5 year old full blood english lab who weighs 116 lbs, and he is my sweet giant. He enjoys chasing squirrels(he has caught three in his lifetime, and it did not end well for them), hiking at the blue hole park in Gtown, and eating literally anything. He has been banned from the dog park in Round Rock, because other males get jealous when he pulls the ladies. He is also 1/1 in being a wingman at zilker park, and helps his dad talk to girls lol. He’s cool and I wish he was like a turtle and could live for 60 years.


I have three dogs at my home in Dallas and one dog that passed away last year. Below is a collage of photos of all of them. Buddy is the small Pomeranian Shih Tzu – he’s about 9-10 years old. He’s the first dog our family got and my best friend’s family actually has Buddy’s sister, Speedy. Huey is the chocolate lab – he’s about 7-8 years old. Romo is the leopard/jaguar looking one – he’s the youngest at around 4 years old. We are not sure what breed he is as we got him from the side of the road. Buddy is an indoor dog so he lives a pampered life. Huey and Romo are outside dogs and get to roam around our property where my home in Dallas is. They love running around, chasing different animals, and hanging out with our llamas.

Fifi was a chow-chow German Shephard mix – I adopted her during college as a grandma. She was deaf – so she wasn’t really bothered by much and even though she was a grandma she’d still bully bigger dogs. She loved brisket and bbq in general and she ate/stole a lot of it from me before! RIP Fifi.


Introducing KENDRICK!

This past weekend, we adopted  Kendrick from APA. He’s a 2-year-old red heeler and blue heeler mix. He likes going on long runs and being a couch potato. He’s extremely friendly and we’re excited to have him!



Here are some pictures of our dog, Mac. He is a 10-year-old boxer. He is super sweet, funny, and the best dog ever. He likes eating, sleeping, going for walks, playing with Brent, and running in circles in the yard at super-speed. 




Here you go!!

Crazy hair don’t care.


Photos from DQ Live!

What Do You Want to See Next?

This week we got to see pet profiles and quarantine-dos. What’s next?

Send Me Your Ideas. Next Week’s Theme Will Be Announced Next Monday!

Anything we can do for each other?

If anyone gets sick, let Darren and Colleen know and they would be very happy to help do grocery runs, etc.  

Have a great weekend? Yes.

Email me at 




Austin Real Estate Continues to Bring Bay Area Business

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Austin is in the spotlight for San Francisco real estate companies with a special interest in the tech industry. Drawbridge Realty Trust recently purchased StoneCreek Park, which is located on Duval Road, for $16.9 million. It is a “76,910 square-foot Class A office building with a life sciences bent.” This is not the company’s first purchase in the Austin area. Drawbridge Realty Trust also owns three other local buildings ranging from 12,000 to 118,000 square-feet, all of which are associated with the science, technology, engineering and mathematical fields. Todd Mills, executive vice president for CBRE Group Inc. says, “The reasoning is pretty clear. A lot of these companies only invest in tech markets, so they’ve been invested in Silicon Valley and see what’s happening in Austin.” Drawbridge is among four other major players in the industry from the Bay Area. As long as the Austin market continues to depend on the tech industry for growth, the interest and focus of San Francisco investors is expected to heighten.


Information Source:
Buccholz, Jan. “Bay Area continues to take bits of Austin.” Austin Business Journal 29 Nov. 2013: 7. Print.

Round Rock Welcomes In-N-Out to Central Texas

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The eagerly awaited moment has arrived: In-N-Out Burger opened in Round Rock on Tuesday, December 3rd and the response was nothing short of ecstatic. This is the first In-N-Out location in Central Texas to open its doors for business after the burger chain made their first Texas debut in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex in 2011. Long lines of people and cars offer a warm welcome to the family-owned business and are likely to continue until excitement calms. The expansion will not end here. Both Austin and Cedar Park are expected to have locations open by the first of the year, and San Antonio is rumored to be next in line.

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