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Mark IV Expands La Frontera Office Campus

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The new building will be adjacent to the 87,186-square-foot Summit I, purchased by Mark IV in 2013 from Moore & Associates. The asset is the largest office building under construction in the Austin submarket.

by Razvan Cimpean | Jul 21, 2017

Mark IV Capital broke ground on Summit II at La Frontera, a 95,000-square-foot office building in Round Rock, Texas. The asset is the largest office building under construction in the Austin submarket.


Located at 710 Hesters Crossing Road, the two-story asset offers convenient access to Interstate 35 and State Highway 45. The new building will also be adjacent to the 87,186-square-foot Summit I, purchased by Mark IV in 2013 from Moore & Associates. The project will aim for LEED certification and will include a 10,000-square-foot courtyard with shaded seating areas and parking for local food trucks. Another LEED-proposed development in the Austin area includes Austin Community College’s Leander campus, which was recently topped out last month. Additionally, Summit II will also feature a fitness center and flexible floor plans. 

“The development of Summit II at La Frontera is another opportunity for us to expand our portfolio in the Austin market through the addition of high-quality assets in targeted growth areas,” said Mark IV CEO Paul Cate, in a prepared statement.

Mark IV selected Don Quick & Associates to be in charge of leasing for the upcoming office building.

View the story on Commercial Property Executive

SBA Paycheck Protection Program

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Paycheck Protection Loan Program Q&A

On June 3rd, the US Senate passed the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act of 2020 by unanimous consent. The legislation co-authored by Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) had cleared the US House last week.

The Bill:
▪ Extends the Paycheck Protection Program through December 31
▪ Extends the 8-week period to 24 weeks
▪ Drops the 75/25 payroll rule to 60/40
▪ Extends the payment deferral period to up to 10 months after the covered period ends
▪ Allows payroll tax deferment for borrowers with forgiven loans

Loan Details and Forgiveness


Link to Form:–paycheck-protection-program-loan-forgiveness-application

Paycheck Protection Program – Loan Forgiveness

What is the Paycheck Protection Program(PPP)?

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) is a brand-new loan program structured around the SBA’s existing 7(a) loan program and will fund loans to qualifying small businesses.

Who is eligible for the Paycheck Protection Program?

A business, including a qualifying nonprofit organization, is eligible for PPP loans if it (a) meets the applicable North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code-based size standard or other applicable 7(a) loan size standard, both alone and together with its affiliates; or (b) has an employee headcount that is lower than the greater of (i) 500 employees or (ii) the employee size standard, if any, under the applicable NAICS Code. Businesses that fall within NAICS Code 72, which applies to accommodations and food services, are also eligible if they employ no more than 500 people per physical location. Sole proprietorships, independent contractors, and self-employed individuals are also eligible.

How do business affiliates affect borrower eligibility for PPP loans?

Applicants typically must include their affiliates when applying size tests to determine eligibility. However, the CARES Act waives the affiliation requirement for the following applicants:
• Businesses within NAICS Code 72 with no more than 500 employees;
• Franchises with codes assigned by the SBA, as reflected on the SBA franchise registry; and
• Businesses that receive financial assistance from one or more small business investment companies (SBIC).

Who can make PPP loans?

Banks that are currently approved SBA 7(a) lenders and other banks that get approved by the SBA and the Treasury Department to specifically become PPP lenders. PPP lenders will be delegated authority to make and approve PPP loans, with no additional SBA approval required. 2 Rev: 03.27.2020

What underwriting standards will PPP lenders use?

PPP lenders will only be required to consider whether an applicant was in operation on February 15, 2020, and either had employees for whom it paid salaries and payroll taxes or paid independent contractors. Applicants will not be required to demonstrate repayment ability.

What is the maximum loan amount for a PPP loan?

The maximum PPP loan available to any business is 2.5 times the average monthly payroll costs of the business over the year prior to the date of the PPP loan, excluding the prorated portion of any annual compensation above $100,000 for any person. There are some adjustments for seasonal employers and an overall maximum loan amount of $10 million.

How can PPP loan proceeds be used?

PPP loan proceeds can be used for:
• Payroll costs;
• Group healthcare benefit costs and insurance premiums;
• Mortgage interest (but not prepayments or principal payments) and rent payments; and
• Interest on debt that existed as of February 15, 2020.

What is considered a payroll cost for PPP loan purposes?

“Payroll costs” include vacation, parental, family, medical and sick leave; allowances for dismissal or separation; payments for group health care benefits, including insurance premiums; and retirement benefits. Calculations vary slightly for seasonal businesses and businesses that were not in operation between February 15 and June 30, 2019.

Will PPP loans be forgiven?

PPP loans can be forgiven to the extent that the loan proceeds have been used for payroll costs and the following:
• Certain utilities, including electricity, gas, water, transportation, and phone and Internet access for service that began before February 15, 2020; and
• Additional wages paid to tipped employees.
These costs must be incurred and paid during the eight weeks after the loan is made. The amount forgiven will be reduced based on failure to maintain the average number of full-time equivalent employees versus the period from either February 15, 2019, through June 30, 2019, or January 1, 2020, through February 29, 2020, as selected by the borrower. The amount forgiven is also reduced to the extent that compensation for any individual making less than $100,000 per year is reduced by more than 25 percent measured against the most recent full quarter. 3 Rev: 03.27.2020 Reductions in the number of employees or compensation occurring between February 15, 2020, and 30 days after enactment of the CARES Act will generally be ignored if the action (layoff or salary reduction) is reversed by June 30, 2020. Forgiven amounts will not be considered cancellation of indebtedness income for federal tax purposes.

What are the primary terms of the PPP loans?

Any amount not forgiven as described above will bear interest at a maximum rate of 4 percent and mature no later than 10 years after the amount of forgiveness is applied.

When will payments begin on PPP loans?

Payments on PPP loans will be deferred for 6 to 12 months.

What are the terms of the deferral on PPP loans?

SBA will issue guidance on the terms of the deferral period.

Do PPP loans have collateral or personal guaranty requirements?

PPP loans have no collateral or personal-guarantee requirements. There will be no recourse to owners of borrowers for nonpayment, except to the extent proceeds are used for an unauthorized purpose.

Are PPP loans guaranteed by the government?

PPP loans are backed by a 100 percent guaranty from SBA.

What fees will have to be paid to the SBA on PPP loans?

The SBA has waived prepayment penalties, guaranty fees and the annual fee applicable to other 7(a) loans.

How do I apply for the PPP loans?

Contact your local lender. All current SBA 7(a) lenders are eligible for PPP.

It is encouraged to have last year’s and this year’s “payroll cost” information available for application.

If you need a reference please email

Additional Resources and Overview

US Department of Treasury – PPP and APPLICATION (applications begin April 3rd)

SBA: Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources:

Small Business Owner’s Guide to the CARES ACT:


Sanchez brothers discover real estate success — even when competing with each other

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By Jan Buchholz     February 23, 2017

View the story on the Austin Business Journal website

Two brothers from a large Round Rock family have found their career niche competing — and sometimes collaborating — with each other on commercial real estate deals in the retail sector.

Michael Sanchez, 34, of Don Quick & Associates Inc. and Gabe Sanchez, 31, of Weitzman never expected to be in the same business let alone have ample opportunity to work together. But that’s how the plot unfolded.

“We try to do as much business as we can together,” Michael Sanchez said. “Even though we work with competing firms what we do is very complementary.”

They both know the restaurant business inside and out. Michael even attended Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. Their parents operated a Round Rock eatery for years.

“(My parent’s) restaurant was Michael’s Tacos,” Michael said. “I am the first-born so I had the honor of having it named after me.”

When their parents retired, Michael opened his own iteration of Michael’s Tacos in February 2010, but sold it in March 2012 after the death of his mother. After the emotional loss of the family matriarch, Michael took some time off.

Continue reading…

Article photo by ARNOLD WELLS

Don Quick & Associates, Inc. Brokers 237 Acre Land Deal with the City of Pflugerville

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Sports complex planning kicks off following land acquisition

Pflugerville approves nearly $4.3 million for facility site

By Emilie Shaughnessy      September 30, 2015

View the story on the Community Impact Website

The city of Pflugerville approved the purchase a 238-acre property in August for a new athletic complex that could include up to 24 fields. The purchase comes nearly two years after a study determined the city needed to build such a facility to accommodate its growing youth sports leagues.

City Council approved the acquisition of the $4.276 million Rosa Pfluger Tract off Cameron Road on Aug. 25 and is requesting bids from architecture and engineering firms interested in designing the sports complex. The site is large enough to also include a community park and nature areas, Mayor Jeff Coleman said.

“This gives us a lot of acres to grow into,” Coleman said. “The topography is beautiful. It has elevation changes, and it has a creek running through it. It gives the planners a lot of possibilities.”

Coleman said he hopes to see final design plans for the site by early next summer. The city will begin developing the southern portion of the property into athletic fields and spend the next decade turning the rest of the land into a recreation destination, he said.

The land purchase is funded through an $11 million bond voters approved in November for a sports complex, according to city officials. At the time of the bond, the city was considering several locations for the complex but had not selected a site, officials said.

Jesse Pedraza, president of the Pflugerville Area Youth Soccer League, said the new complex cannot come soon enough. Currently the league only has dedicated practice space for its competitive teams and has to share public park space with other organizations.

“I don’t know what it is, but [the Pflugerville area] is a magnet for soccer clubs,” he said. “We’re pretty much on top of each other trying to find practice space.”

Pedraza said PAYSL enrolls about 1,400 children and has been growing by about 9 percent each season.

“If we grow more we just don’t have anywhere to put more teams,” he said. “It’s a good problem to have, I guess.”

In addition to the soccer clubs, there are baseball, football and other sports leagues vying for practice space at Pflugerville’s city parks, middle schools and elementary schools.

Pflugerville Little League President Michael Owens said his organization is in a challenging position because its complex is not city property. Although PLL is also short on practice space and in need of several facility improvements, it must rely on participant fees and concessions to fund the program.

Owens said he hopes the new complex will allow PLL to relax its fees and take some of the burden off board members, who Owens said spent Labor Day fixing plumbing issues in the complex’s restrooms.

“It’s all stuff we are responsible for maintaining,” he said. “The new complex will be great, but [the time span] from purchasing to actually breaking ground still puts us off for years.”

Coleman said a new sports complex was his top priority when running for re-election and that the city will continue to make it a primary goal.

“We promised citizens we would create a sports complex because we are in desperate need of [practice and game space],” he said. “I’m very pleased it’s going to be well on the road while I’m mayor, and we’ll be able to enjoy it after I’m mayor.”

Cortec Precision Sheetmetal Breaks Ground at 130 Commerce Center, Pflugerville

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PFLUGERVILLE, Texas (April 15, 2016)—The Pflugerville Community Development Corporation (PCDC) today announced that Cortec Precision Sheetmetal Inc. broke ground this week on an approximately 120,000-square-foot building planned for its new location at 3801 Helios Way in Pflugerville. Cortec plans to occupy 60,000 square feet, and the additional 60,000 square feet will be available for lease.

Exterior construction on the building is expected to be complete this fall, and Cortec plans to relocate its 120 full-time employees to Pflugerville early next year.

The high-quality sheet metal business is family owned and operated and was founded in 1975 in San Jose, Calif., where the company headquarters are located with a staff of more than 300.

Cortec will make a $20 million capital investment in this new location at 130 Commerce Center, a rapidly growing mixed-use development at the southwest corner of SH 130 and Pecan Street in Pflugerville.

The Pflugerville Chamber of Commerce held a groundbreaking ceremony April 14. Chamber President and CEO Patricia Gervan-Brown spoke about the significant growth of Pflugerville, and PCDC Executive Director Amy Madison welcomed Cortec to the community. Pflugerville City Councilman Brad Marshall and Texas Regional Director from the office of U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) Carl Mica also spoke at the event. Lastly, Cortec General Manager Richard Corrales discussed his excitement to move and expand his business in Pflugerville.

“We are so proud to see a longtime Pflugerville resident make such a substantial investment in our community, where we will support him and celebrate his continued success after more than 40 years in business,” Madison said. “This is a great day for Pflugerville and we want to offer you a sincere ‘welcome home’ to all of you at Cortec.”

Approximately two years ago, Cortec purchased an 8-acre tract of land from the PCDC for this project. Though the PCDC offered up to $228,000 in incentives to Cortec and sold the land at a reduced cost, the economic development corporation secured more than $500,000 in net profit in the sale of the land even after all incentives are paid to the company.

According to a 2014 study conducted by Austin-based Impact DataSource, during the next 15 years Cortec’s move to Pflugerville will generate at least 200 permanent direct and indirect jobs, result in $19 million taxable sales and purchases within Pflugerville, and generate $20 million in additional tax revenue for the City of Pflugerville.


About the Pflugerville Community Development Corporation

The Pflugerville Community Development Corporation promotes Pflugerville as a desirable place for new businesses to operate. The organization also supports existing businesses by helping to address their needs. PCDC can provide funding for use as an incentive to businesses to begin doing business in Pflugerville. PCDC funds, which are 4B money generated from a half-cent of the city’s sales tax revenue, can also be used to construct needed infrastructure such as roads, utilities and drainage projects. Located 16 miles northeast of Austin and just south of Round Rock, Pflugerville is well-situated in Central Texas. New state highways 45 and 130 and Interstate Highway 35 all offer direct access to other nearby cities and the region’s main airport. For more information, visit

The Don Quick Times – Legends Edition

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Staying Safe AND Connected            DQ News + Recap

This is the final version of the DQ Newsletter as it is. I want to personally thank everyone who submitted content – it was amazing to get to know yall! 

I will cherish my time here at DQA and I wish everyone the best in the future.

If you would ever like to contact me for any reason, here is my info

Rick Honrales

You can still view the rest of the newsletters below.

PW: stayhealthy

Vol. 1 Team Updates
Vol. 2 Quarantine Eats
Vol. 3 Green Thumbs/Inspiration
Vol. 4 DQ Throwbacks
Vol. 5 Now & Then
Vol. 7 Pet Profiles & Quarantine-Hairdos
Vol. 8 Projects & Accomplishments
Vol. 9 Part 1 Memorial Day + First Day out
Vol. 9 Part 2 Interesting Facts + Photos
Vol. 10 Heroes
Vol. 11 4th of July & Updates


Recent Birthdays

Colleen – August 25

Recent Work Anniversaries 

August 20, 2018
September 5, 2019


Update YOUR Favorites!

Update your favorites on the link below and you could possibly get a new office want of your choice!



What is one of your favorite memories from the past?

June 2012, my family drive from California in a minivan loaded with 2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats, luggage, and Tim and I to Round Rock to see the house we purchased while living in Hawaii.  We never saw the house in person, so this was our forever home now that Tim retired from the military.  After three days of driving, the sight of this house was a very good memory for us.  (first photo) Once we had our furniture arrive, the animals really enjoyed living in a new place. (second photo)


Where is your favorite place in Central Texas? In the world?

Hawaii, what more can I say. The first photo is of Hawaii-sandbar on Hickam Air Force Base.  Tim was throwing the water toy for our little dog Kona Coffee. (Kona was born on the island of Oahu).

Favorite books, movies, or shows you recommend? 

I love to watch cooking shows,  I watch the Great British Bake Off like it’s a murder mystery. 

Favorite song, artists, or album you recommend? Favorite Singer, Lady Gaga.  No need to say more!!! Love Her!!!

Time Saver Tips!

What are some quick dinner recipes?

Mozzarella & Tomato Baked Chicken from Blue Apron.  We have made it a lot, and it’s easier when you do it with a partner. See the recipe here.

Have any time-saving advice and/or habits? 

When the weather turns cold, bad hair days are common.  Don’t forget to use a mouse to keep static away



What is one of your favorite memories from the past?

I am lucky to have so many, but meeting Ari is definitely tops. I’m still trying to figure out how I got so lucky with such a kind and wonderful person! This is a blurry photo of when we first started dating in 2013 😊 ❤

What is one of your favorite Don Quick memories? PHOTOS!

2015 Ugly Christmas Sweater Christmas Party at (what is now Slapbox) Svantes 😊 It was so fun to see everyone’s personalities in a sweater. I loved every minute of that night!


Who are your diehard sports teams?

Baseball is my favorite sport to watch. San Francisco Giants! This is Ari and me at a Giants-Nationals game last year in D.C.

Where is your favorite place in Central Texas? In the world? 

Central Texas: anywhere in the water – Barton Springs, Blue Hole, Lake Austin/Travis, etc.

The World: Cremona, Italy. After visiting there, I told my parents if I ever disappeared suddenly, to check there first.

Favorite books, movies, or shows you recommend?

Anything spy-related. It’s my favorite genre – I love a good mystery!

Books: I highly recommend reading any John Le Carre books, as he and his father both had actual careers in espionage, so some of what he writes is autobiographical.

Films: Obviously I will say watch every one of the 26 James Bond films because it doesn’t get any more cheesy and exciting than those! Tinker Tailor (John Le Carre book) was made into a motion picture and it’s also brilliant.

Favorite song, artists, or album you recommend?

I listen to just about every genre, depending on the day. But If you’re making me pick… BLUES + ROCK AND ROLL. That is all. Here is a very short list of what I’ve been listening to more recently.


Have a favorite topic, industry, theory, etc that you enjoy outside of work? If you’re a flat earther let us know!


Good timing, because I just watched this new documentary this past weekend (on Netflix), and it’s something everyone should watch.

Time Saving Tips!

What are some quick dinner recipes?

I usually cook a bunch of rice + protein at the beginning of the week, and then just add veggies to it for meals here and there. Rice/noodle bowls are my favorite.

Also, freezing casseroles is always good – just turn on the oven, stick the casserole in and you don’t have to lift another finger until you unfortunately have to wash the casserole dish. Boooo.

Have any time saving advice and/or habits?

Routine, Routine, Routine. I have ADD, so I have to overcompensate sticking to routines and habits to make sure I don’t forget/misplace things. One great side effect of this is that the better and more efficient you get at your routine, the faster you get as well and you end up with more time for other things!




What is one of your favorite memories from the past? Photos!

Of course two of my most favorite memories are the days my kiddos were born. Another great memory is our trip to Sedona. We went about a month after Emerson was born. A few highlights were touring the Chapel of The Holy Cross inspired by the Empire State Building and considered one of Arizona’s Seven Man-Made Wonders. We also went to one of the vortexes and spent time in Jerome.


What is one of your favorite Don Quick memories? PHOTOS!

One of my favorite Don Quick memories was cleaning up the creek last March right before COVID unfolded. Little did we know it would be the last time for the foreseeable future for an event like this. Love teaching my children to be of service and give back.


Who are your diehard sports teams? (If you do not include photos you are not a diehard fan, simple)

I don’t really do sports. I do enjoy watching the Olympics though, does that count? I do enjoy getting in the spirit at the end for championship events like the Superbowl, etc even though I don’t know much about the teams. I suppose as a former longhorn I support UT them as well.

Where is your favorite place in Central Texas? 

We have many favorite places in Central Texas. We frequent town lake quite a bit (I’m dating myself still calling it that). We love to walk/run around the lake, stop to let the kids feed the ducks, then go to Zilker park to play and top it off with a Mighty Cone at the food truck park.

Favorite place in the world?

I haven’t traveled the world as much as I like besides Mexico and the Bahamas but I think I would adore Italy and it is definitely on my list to go ASAP as well as Central America.

Favorite books, movies, or shows you recommend?

Currently on my nightstand are:

Atomic Habits by James Clear

Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

May Cause Miracles by Gabby Bernstein

An Awesome Book! By Dallas Clayton (for the kids)

Some of my all time faves (English major) are:

Anything by Tom Robbins

Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman

Anything Hemingway

The Stranger, Camus

And I am always down for self-help/personal development books

I don’t watch a ton of TV but I do enjoy Shark Tank and Dancing With the Stars. Dead to me was good too. I am a bit out of the loop on T.V. and movies. A podcast I really enjoy is Lewis Howes School of Greatness.

Favorite song, artists, or album you recommend?

Anything 80’s and early 90’s

Have a favorite topic, industry, theory, etc that you enjoy outside of work? If you’re a flat earther let us know!

I love all things real estate: design, décor, looking at homes, all of it…I would also have to include meditation and yoga. Recently took up cycling with an Echelon.

Time Saver Tips!

What are some quick dinner recipes?

My instant pot, crockpot, and air fryer are lifesavers! And I’m always up for Jason just throwing a steak on the Traeger.

Have any time saving advice and/or habits?

Prioritizing and planning (kids picking out clothes the night before, etc) Gary Keller’s book the ONE thing is awesome for this to eliminate distractions and focus on what is important.



What is your favorite Don Quick memory?

Movember 2009. It was a silly look for sure but it was a good cause that we raised money for.


My favorite memories from the past are when my kids were little, and watching them in their activities. My daughter Kristen started dance at age 2 and continued to be a drill team officer in high school.  My son Clint was in sports starting very early too and excelled in basketball and football.  The two pictures are about 20 years old when my kids were little because I love the memories at that age. 

I am a diehard fan of the Aggies, Dallas Cowboys, and Dallas Mavericks.

My favorite place in the world (other than Texas) is Cabo.

I love Country music and really miss going to concerts this year.  This picture is at AT&T Stadium with my daughter at a Kenny Chesney concert. Then I have one with my husband Jeff at Nutty Brown.

This year our big vacation was at Lake of The Ozarks in Missouri.  The area is beautiful, and the people are very friendly too.  We spent a lot of time on Lake Travis on our boat too.  My grandson Jaxton loves to “drive the boat”.

Several years ago we adopted a cat from Austin Pets Alive.  Her name is Flop. My son wanted an orange cat, so I threatened to name her Bevo, but we kept it at Flop.  She is now my office mate, but she takes afternoon naps every day. 

I’ve been trying to eat healthy lunches that are fast & easy to make.  The two pictures are a crab Caesar salad and a chicken mango Thai salad. 

The hardest part about 2020 and COVID has been that I have not been able to see my mother in person.  She is 87 years old, and the best mom anybody could ask for!


Here is a picture of my Dad and me at the Baseball Game the day after Biggio hit his 3,000 career hit:

Favorite place in Central Texas:               
Georgetown Lake and Goodwater Trail around the lake – close camping, hiking, boating and Whataburger 5 min away!

Favorite place in the world:                       
Port Aransas/ Rockport – Not glamorous but LOTS of memories with family and friends.

Favorite movies:
Last of the Mohicans (great soundtrack), The Patriot, Aliens

Favorite Artist:                                               
Casting Crowns, George Strait, Beach Boys

Time-saving advice and/or habits:            
HEB curbside is a game changer! Adds about an hour of free time to my week. Their online portal is great!


Music is a Mood thing for me.

Fav Songs:

Rainbow – Kacey Musgraves
The Breakup song – Francesca Barttistelli
Hope in Front of Me – Danny Gokey
I Dare you to love – Kelly Clarkson

Fav Religious songs:

Joy – King & country
If We’re honest- Francesca Barttistelli
Blessings- Laura Story 
We Believe – Newsboys

Favorite to Sleep or chill songs: 

River Flows In You – Yiruma
Bluebird – by Alexis Ffrench 
Glasgow Love Theme by Paul Bateman
Comptine D’un Autre Ete, l’apres-midi – Yann Tiersen

Fav old School song:

“I enjoy being a girl”
The Girl From Ipanema – Antônio Carlos Jobim

Fav things to do in Texas 

  • Taking pics of town names like Rainbow, Venus, Italy etc. we can travel around the world and space in one state!
  • Canopy Tours in Lake Travis
  • Touring the swaps of Jefferson, Texas
  • Mini Stonehenge
  • Cave through the Enchanted rock, Fredericksburg
  • Bnb and winery at Kiepersol Tyler, Texas
  • Canton Texas market days
  • Round Top antique events
  • The Painted churches
  • The largest Renaissance festival in America!
  • And over all enjoying old west small towns of Texas! 

My favorite authors: anything by  Jeff Wheeler,  Brandon Sanderson Or Any travel book by Rick Steves


Fav travel photos

Fav Don and Jeanie photos

Random office pixs




What is one of your favorite Don Quick memories? 

I don’t know if I could pick one! All the support for like – everything is amazing.

As for pictures! Whatever we were doing that lead to this

and of course this floorplan 


Who are your diehard sports teams? (If you do not include photos you are not a diehard fan, simple)

You know I don’t care a single thing about Sports

Favorite books, movies, or shows you recommend?

My favorite all-the-time movie is Labyrinth! Sick? Sad? Bored? Put on Labyrinth. This 80s/Bowie/Connally/Henson/Musical combination always puts me in a good mood.


Give me a ghost show or The Golden Girls and I’m good. X-files? Always. HBO’s I’ll Be Gone in the Dark was amazing. We’re thinking about fall, so I’ve rewatched Over the Garden Wall for the 600th time.

Have a favorite topic, industry, theory, etc that you enjoy outside of work? If you’re a flat earther let us know!

I have a background in Day Spas and am still a licensed esthetician. The weirdest holdover? I have lots of opinions on how linens and towels should be folded and put away.


Who are your diehard sports teams? (If you do not include photos you are not a diehard fan, simple)

Texas Aggies. Best in-person game was the Epic 7 overtime game Texas A&M’s victory over LSU 74 – 72. That game was exhausting on several levels… lasted 5 hours.   See pic of the score when it was still 72-72. (I SHOULD have had someone take a picture of myself down on the field celebrating after).

Favorite books, movies, or shows you recommend? 

Brandon Sanderson – Way of Kings series.  EPIC…

Cast under an alien sun. Olan Thorensen


Where is your favorite place in Central Texas? In the world? 

TEXAS: Love wine country in the afternoon, followed by ice-cold beer and karaoke at Kenny’s Cantina in Johnson City.  Some country dancing on the way home at the road sidebars. 

World: Columbia River Gorge, OR/WA. Hiking for years, swimming in the rivers, day trip to the ocean, wine country all around, fruit basket of America for fresh peaches/cherries/apples/pears/hazelnuts/truffles/and more!

Favorite books, movies, or shows you recommend?

NERD ALERT: Love Scandinavian crime dramas, and Occupied (Norwegian political thriller), PodCasts – anything humorous, political, and heartwarming like This American Life 😊

Favorite song, artists, or album you recommend?
Band: Surfaces – great outdoor poolside/backyard grilling music style!

Have a favorite topic, industry, theory, etc that you enjoy outside of work?

Golden Rule.  And no Pointy French fry ends; square-cut only!

What are some quick dinner recipes?
Use canned chicken breast for quick meals like enchiladas, casseroles, tacos, pastas to cut the time and cost!  $2/10oz can at HEB. Season with cumin/lime rice wine vinegar/coriander/chili peppers or just good old salt and pepper (acid helps cut any ‘can’ taste)



What is one of your favorite Don Quick memories?

2018 was a great year! Don’s superhero party celebrating 50 years!

And the 2018 holiday party, when all we cuties brought our special purses that Don & Jeanie gifted us from their trip. How fancy are we, and what an awesome party with all the Brazillian Steakhouse fixings. It was an amazing night. (Whoever has this photo, blast it out!) 


Where is your favorite place in Central Texas? In the world?

Pretty much every time I go on a trip, I gain a new favorite place! Top contenders are: Greece, Ireland, Colorado, San Diego area, Glacier National Park, New York City.

Favorite books, movies, or shows you recommend?

Every year I go to Alamo Drafthouse’s Lord of the Rings trilogy marathon and Hobbit Feast: 12 hours and 7 courses, it’s the best! Also, cosplaying as Kaylee from the short-lived cult favorite Firefly is fun! 


Have a favorite topic, industry, theory, etc that you enjoy outside of work? If you’re a flat earther let us know!

I love learning. Whether it’s learning a new board game, how to arrange flowers, how to reupholster a thrifted chair, how to make a watercolor silk scarf, what the heck an ambrotype is (ask Darren Quick!), or other, if it interests me, I love learning all about it!

Time Saver tips!

What are some quick dinner recipes?

This is a favorite, super easy recipe that is also ultra satisfying as temps drop. Broiled, bubbly French Dip! I like to make them open-face on top of Texas Toast. BOOOOOM. Super Speedy and Scrumptious French Dip Sandwiches Other than that, Pioneer Woman’s My Favorite Quick-and-Easy Dinners and 16-minute meals are often my go-to resources. 

Have any time saving advice and/or habits?

Stick your head out the window while commuting to save on blow-drying time?? 



The past two years at DQA have been full with amazing memories and I will truly miss all of yall. Ill be back to visit!


Who are your diehard sports teams?

Cowboys, Rangers, Stars, Longhorns, Mavericks, FC Austin EASY.
Where is your favorite place in Central Texas? In the world?
Central Texas – The lake, DT Georgetown, DT RR
Favorite song, artists, or album you recommend? 

I listen to all kinds of music, but lately I am back in a country phase – George Strait, Midland, etc.
Have a favorite topic, industry, theory, etc that you enjoy outside of work? If you’re a flat earther let us know!

I am a graphic designer on the side and I work with a lot of different musicians in Texas!

Time Saver tips!

Make a list and get it done. 

Have a great weekend? Yes.


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Don Quick & Associates Brokers Round Rock Land Sale to Eagle Bank

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102-year-old, Texas-based community bank expands to Round Rock, plans to open in November.

ROUND ROCK, Texas—Commercial real estate firm Don Quick and Associates, Inc. today announced that agent Brent Campbell brokered the sale of a 2-acre tract of land in northeast Round Rock to Eagle Bank, which will break ground at 11 a.m. today on a 4,300-square-foot, single-story building at 2260 North A.W. Grimes Blvd. in a Round Rock Chamber of Commerce ceremony.

Eagle Bank, which is a branch of Round Top State Bank, plans to open in November. This will be the community bank’s first location in Round Rock, and the second in Williamson County.

“Even with all the growth northeast Round Rock has recently experienced, there are still more than 1,200 home sites planned for this quadrant of town. Eagle Bank needed a location that provided accessibility in the heart of this growth,” Campbell said. “Eagle Bank is a reputable, trustworthy community bank that has been in business for more than a hundred years and takes the time to get to know their customers. I’m proud to have had a part in bringing a bank that provides this level of personal customer service to my hometown.”

Round Top State Bank is a privately owned community bank with more than $400 million in total assets. The bank was chartered in Round Top, Texas, in 1912. Round Top State Bank acquired Eagle Bank in Jarrell in 2011 and kept the name because of the company’s planned expansion to Round Rock. The Eagle Bank brand will be used in the Austin area.

Johnnie Mikeska joined Eagle Bank in January 2013 as Regional President for the Austin area. He has 25 years of experience in commercial lending and has resided in Taylor for 12 years. Mikeska has worked with Campbell on previous projects, and hired Don Quick and Associates for Campbell’s expertise.

“We had certain specifications for our bank in Round Rock, and we knew Don Quick and Associates was the right firm to find the perfect location to meet our business needs,” Mikeska said. “Brent knows the market extremely well, and he took the time to understand what we wanted to accomplish as a business and presented us with several solid options for a location.”

La Grange-based architecture firm Cutright & Allen, Inc. designed the building, and Cedar Park-based Braun and Butler Construction is the general contractor.

The Round Rock location is the sixth community bank for Round Top State Bank, including the two Eagle Bank locations in Williamson County. Eagle Bank-Round Rock will focus on commercial real estate, farm and ranch, equipment financing, lines of credit, construction and mortgage lending.


About Eagle Bank

Eagle Bank is a branch of Round Top State Bank, a privately owned community bank with more than $400 million in total assets. Round Top State Bank was chartered in Round Top, Texas, in 1912 and specializes in commercial real estate, farm and ranch, equipment financing, lines of credit, construction and mortgage lending. The bank has branches in LaGrange, Giddings, Lexington and Round Top, and two Eagle Bank branches in Jarrell and Round Rock. The nation’s leading bank rating and research firm, Bauer Financial, has given Round Top State Bank the highest rating of Five Stars for 38 consecutive quarters. For more information about Round Top State Bank and Eagle Bank, visit

Press contact:
Amy Stansbury
March 7, 2014
Stansbury Public Relations


California developer plans high-end office space in Round Rock

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Newport Beach, Calif.-based Mark IV Capital tentatively plans to break ground on Round Rock’s first Class A office space beginning this summer. The 82,000-square-foot building will be the second building at The Summit at La Frontera office park near the intersection of Hesters Crossing Road and La Frontera Boulevard.

The architect, engineer and general contractor have yet to be selected.

Mark IV Capital purchased the land and the adjacent Summit I office building in October 2013 from Maryland-based Moore & Associates Inc. The 87,000-square-foot Summit I is a Class B property built in 2001. It’s almost 95 percent occupied with tenants that include Broadcom Corp., HDR Engineering, Prime Lending and SmartNote.

Robert Shore of Don Quick and Associates Inc. represents Mark IV Capital with the leasing of Summit I and the preleasing of Summit II.

“We are targeting a large user requiring 15,000 to 20,000 square feet or more of Class A office space in Central Texas for Summit II,” Shore said. “We are already working with several companies who are looking to enter the greater Austin area and require this type of office space.”

This is Mark IV Capital’s first investment in Austin. The company researched the Austin market for about 10 years before committing capital here.

“Round Rock is a magnet for attracting businesses due to progressive city leaders and a pro-business climate,” said Justin Basie, asset manager for Mark IV Capital.

Mark IV Capital is active in real estate acquisitions and developments in Phoenix, Denver, Las Vegas and Southern California.

Jan Buchholz, Austin Business Journal (Follow her on Twitter)

Don Quick and Associates Brokers $4.1 Million Land Sale for New FedEx Facility in Pflugerville

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Broker Charles Harvey secures international buyer for 33-acre tract at 130 Commerce Center.


ROUND ROCK, Texas—Commercial real estate firm Don Quick and Associates, Inc., today announced that Charles Harvey, a vice president with the firm, brokered a $4.1 million land sale representing the seller, the Pflugerville Community Development Corporation (PCDC.) The 33-acre tract is located within 130 Commerce Center, a mixed-use development under construction at the southwest corner of SH 130 and Pecan Street in Pflugerville.

Scannell Properties, which develops and owns FedEx locations all over the U.S., closed March 4 on the land purchase from the PCDC. Scannell will oversee construction of a 250,000-square-foot facility on the property, then will lease the entire building to FedEx Ground.

Harvey marketed this tract of land to Scannell and FedEx, showcasing the immediate access to SH 130 in one of the only communities with utilities in place along the tollroad.

“Scannell was looking for a large enough tract of land for FedEx Ground to expand and construct a new facility, and immediate highway access to ensure prompt shipment deliveries was key,” Harvey said. “The PCDC was targeting a user that needed a strategic location with highway access, and one that would be complementary to the other businesses located at 130 Commerce Center. FedEx turned out to be the perfect fit.”

The FedEx tract was the last remaining industrial land within the first phase of 130 Commerce Center.  We continue to market the 130 Commerce Center as a regional development, in what’s been proven as a strategic location, with three additional phases at the intersection of SH 130 and Pecan.  The subsequent phases range in size from 70 to 400 acres.

Though the PCDC sold the land at a discount as part of an economic development initiative, the 4B corporation cleared a net profit of $2 million on the sale of the land.

The relocation to 130 Commerce Center, expansion and consolidation of offices will make the new Pflugerville location the largest FedEx Ground facility in Central Texas.

The 33.424-acre tract of land was sold for $4,096,250.

Press contact:
Amy Stansbury
March 7, 2014
Stansbury Public Relations

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